Our Market Approach

Konzortia Capital is both an innovative and sustainable private equity investment.This is a qualified investment
opportunity based on a rational analysis, comprehensible and reliable information and a vision for added

With $XXX in capital raised so far, Konzortia is working to become the most compelling investment opportunity in
the thriving FinTech industry.

Our Value Generating Approach



Konzortia Capital employs a disruptive
and profitable business model that is
based around the use of Distributed
Ledger Technologies. It will allow
investors to raise capital, invest and
trade financial assets in real time, with
automatic settlements and without need
for intermediation, providing an
appealing and scalable financial service
solution for enterprises and governments.


Opportunnities with
High Potential

FinTech is growing at an accelerated
rate. There is endless potential for
online and digital banking services to
replace conventional financial
services in areas such as payments,
e-commerce, social trading, wealth
management, among many others.


Sustainable in the

Konzortia Capital is a bold and
long-term business builder,
partnering with other amazing
companies to become the first
choice among financial service
providers, thanks to its cost-cutting
streamlined service.

Why invest in FinTech sector?

On the playing field, FinTech industry provides the key elements to succed

Cash is turning digital

64% of digitally active
consumers across 27 markets
used fintech
EYGlobal FinTech Adoption Index 2019

When you invest in Konzortia you are investing in of 4 companies.

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