About us

Konzortia Capital is a visionary private FinTech consortium composed by three
subsidiary companies, SBank, InvestHub and Capitalista. Together, these
companies are intended to redesign the financial industry that everyone else takes
for granted, through an innovative use of distributed ledger technologies.

We’re visionaries

We create business opportunities, allowing our investors to generate
profits and reap the benefits of a more inclusive financial market.

We’re enablers

By helping companies solve their financial service challenges, we enable
them to grow their businesses with sustainability.

We’re global

Our vision is to bring our financial solutions to the entire world, with a
particularly strong impact on the lives of the unbanked population, as we
bring them access to world-class financial services.

What we do

We are creating a new and interconnected financial
ecosystem under a technological framework called
Konzortia Capital Distributed Ledger (KCDL),
offering financial service solutions for people and
companies to manage their capital easily and with
true freedom. The subsidiary companies that will operate under
the KCDL are: SBank, offering advanced, yet
intuitive banking services; InvestHub, a borderless
and unrestricted platform for capital raising and
investing, and Capitalista; hosting a new secondary
market of liquid stock-like digital equity assets.

Responsible Investing

In Konzortia Capital, we take a holistic approach to investments, giving investors not just a figure, but
a roadmap on how to get to achieve their goals.

We firmly believe that our innovative FinTech ecosystem has the breadth and scope to bring life
changing benefits to our investors and partner companies.

Konzortia´s Team

Our strength relies on the human scale of our project and the multicultural and
multidisciplinary vision of our team. Although we have different perspectives, we share the
same vision and determined mindset, to revolutionize the world through financial services
and support our accredited investors all across the US.