Redesigning the financial world others
take for granted.

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What's in it for the world?

Why do we do what we do?


in challenging the reality that everyone takes for granted. Financial technology has the power to set people and organizations free of existing borders and limitations.


in giving entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world the ability to raise capital.


in creating equal opportunities for investors of all levels to generate profits, and the global benefits of a more inclusive financial market.


in giving the unbanked access to world-class financial services, giving those that don't have reasonable access to banking the chance to prosper.


in the prospects of a financial instrument combining the liquidity of a public company with the Inherent benefits of a private one.

How do we do it?

Combine the benefits of Equity Crowdfunding, Venture Capital and Angel Investing

We give companies and projects the opportunity to raise capital through a global and border-less funding process. Based on a new asset class, companies can raise capital, while investors generate profits with a liquid instrument, one that is easily converted to cash, created by a private company but that is as liquid as any publicly-traded stock.

Trade any liquid instrument at an institutional cost

With a globalized asset exchange platform, we can mobilize investors around the world to take part in profit generating trading regardless of geographic location or the size of their trading account. Thru access to financial services and non-conventional asset trading, a new class of investors will gain investment opportunities that were not previously available to them.

Transfer money in real time, anywhere in the world, at a very low cost

Use a familiar debit card to spend or transfer your money in real time - even across borders - at no or a very low cost. By reducing the fees when liquid assets cross borders, a viable alternative to traditional financial services is introduced, while enhancing global transactions with innovation and technology. Offering enhanced services for businesses across the globe.

Combine the liquidity of a public company with the inherited benefits of a private one

By Introducing a new asset class, that challenges the difference between equity and money, we allow investors to receive dividends, like they would as traditional shareholders, while keeping the liquidity of traditional publicly traded stocks.

What is it?

Konzortia Capital

Konzortia Capital
Holding Company with partial ownership of the consortium of FinTech subsidiaries which equity is represented by the introduction of a new asset class.
- Redesigning the future of finances today


Industry Facts

chart 01


large investments

Took place in the Fintech Industry in 2018

chart 02


$USD billion

Commitment to private equity in 2018

chart 03


$USD billion

In transactions of consortiums in November 2018

chart 04


$USD billion

Were raised by US Fintechs in 2018

chart 05


$USD billion

Are worth 39 VC-backed Fintech unicorns

Why do Investors consider Konzortia
a good investment?

Scalable Business Model

Invest 01
Invest 02

Large Market

Differentiated Product

Invest 03
Invest 04

High ROI Traction


Invest 05
Invest 06

Clear Exit Strategy

What’s in it for me?

Become an early adopter of the future of FinTech

Investing in Konzortia Capital is not only a chance to receive profitable yearly dividends; but also to secure your membership of an inclusive club of visionary investors directly involved in revolutionizing the technology driven financial markets in its early stages.

Calculate your ROI over 5 years

Disclaimer: Projections or forecasts contained in this website, or other materials, are not historical facts and must be viewed only as estimates. Although any projections contained in this website are based upon assumptions which the company believes to be reasonable, past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. These are forward-looking statements based on current expectations of future events and the actual performance of the company may depend upon factors beyond the control of the company. Therefore, these statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such statements. No assurance can be given that the company’s actual performance will match its intended results.

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News in Konzortia

These are some of the news about our company. Stay on top of everything that is happening now.

How Konzortia Capital is redesigning the financial industry

By editor | July 27, 2021

Several years ago, when Konzortia Capital had not been brought into existence yet, our Founder, Walter Gomez, was already a financial professional. That meant that he dealt with financial services on a daily basis, as well as with financial actors from different sectors. The conclusion was apparent and unavoidable: the current financial system is cumbersome, […]

Konzortia Capital Brings a Differentiated Value Proposition to Fix the Backbone of the Financial Sector

By editor | July 21, 2021

Financial services make up one of the economy’s most important and influential sectors, and it is a broad sector comprising a number of activities that are essential for handling daily tasks. It is made up of a variety of financial firms including banks, investment houses, lenders, finance companies, real estate brokers, and insurance companies.  The financial […]

The KCDL: The innovative power behind Konzortia Capital

By designer | July 9, 2021

When we started Konzortia Capital, we wanted to build a company that helped people, that filled a gap that needed to be filled in the financial industry. Our Founder usually came across the fact that the current technological system that is in place was somewhat inefficient: exorbitant fees, extensive waiting periods, and a lack of […]

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