Here’s how the SBank app will work!

As you probably know, Konzortia Capital is the holding of three subsidiary companies: SBank, InvestHub and Capitalista. The first of these three that is set to enter the market is SBank, our global banking platform. We have been working tirelessly to have it ready, and it will launch later this year. Today, the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for SBank is already in place, and we are preparing for a pre-launch very soon. For now, we would like to give the public a glimpse as to how the SBank app will work and why it will be different from any other banking service platform in the market.

We understand that not all customers are looking for the same banking services. Therefore, the app will offer users three different types of account: personal, freelance and business. Each will accommodate the particular needs of every profile, offering specific services that serve different purposes. For example, personal accounts will feature the option to set money raising goals, and individuals will be able to save a specific amount of money to go on a vacation or buy their child their birthday present. These accounts will also allow users to pay their bills and subscriptions automatically, without having to worry about payment due dates.

Users with both these accounts will be able to access SBank’s remittance and money transfer services. SBank is taking these services one step further and providing them with exclusive benefits. Remittances across borders can be conducted instantly for little to no extra cost. This is a service that will benefit the US migrant population, a sector that sends money abroad, mainly to Mexico and the LAC region, and is constantly dealing with long waiting periods and excessive extra costs. P2P transfers are also different from any other money transfer service in the market. Users with personal or freelance accounts can make instant, feeless money transfers with the simple use of a chat feature. This service is aimed mainly at Millennials and Gen Zers, a demographic that relies on digital banking more than any other, and is constantly looking for commission free banking services. These groups would find what they are looking for in SBank due to its simplicity: an SBank account will be easy to fund, and users will be able to choose whatever currency they prefer, fiat or digital and pay from their phone or smart watch.

Businesses are an important part of the SBank app as well. We understand that SMEs are usually left out of the banking opportunities offered to big businesses, and so our aim is to give small and medium-sized businesses the benefits traditional banks refuse to provide. Business accounts will be able to process debit and credit card payments regardless of their size, either with our point of sale or online, via a phone or tablet. SBank will also offer the possibility of contactless payment, generating a QR code instantly. Businesses will also be able to access their funds in real time, no matter where they are, and see their account status.

Sending and collecting payments is a cumbersome task for Accounts Payable departments, as it requires significant amounts of time and effort. Therefore, SBank will allow business accounts to automate most of their money outflow processes, like the issuing of cards and automatization of corporate payments, or even the scheduling of money transfers and automatizing of invoice payments. In addition, something that many challenger banks and neobanks do not offer, but SBank does, is the issuing of cards. Users can order a debit or credit card, access their transaction history, find an ATM and select the currency of their choosing.

The SBank app will be very easy to navigate, very welcoming to all users, whether they are computer savvy or not. Our app will seamlessly incorporate all the services previously mentioned and more, providing a safe network where users will be able to find any and every banking service they need. No other platform in the market offers the width of serviced SBank will; users today would need three different apps to access all the services SBank will provide in only one interface. Every transaction will be accessible, secure and instant. SBank is smart banking, just for you.

If you would like to be included in the waitlist for our app, or wish to know anything else about Konzortia Capital, SBank or another one of our companies, please leave your contact information at and one of our business associates will contact you shortly.


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