Great Signs for Konzortia Capital and the FinTech Industry

The positive signs for the financial technology industry continue to appear, as it continues to grow at an accelerated rate even during one of the most difficult economic recessions in recent times. With the ongoing social distancing measures, the demand for innovative, fast, easy and low costing financial services has dramatically increased. In Konzortia Capital, we pride ourselves on being part of an industry that will bring significant positive change in many people’s lives, and we are determined to becoming global leaders towards this change.

Our goal as a company is to create a fully inclusive global financial framework for the entire financial industry to operate using distributed ledger technologies, making it faster, easier and less costly to carry all financial transactions. Through the companies that are part of the Konzortia Capital consortium, which include Novabank, InveStart and Capitalista, we intend to offer unique financial services within a single financial ecosystem, which will far beyond anything provided by the competition.

Novabank is an online bank with unique features such as multi-currency accounts, instant money transfers through text messages on a global scale and much more. InveStart will connect small companies from all around the world with potential investors. Capitalista will host the first secondary market of digital stock-like private equity assets to be traded globally without the need for intermediaries.

As the FinTech industry outgrows manages to outgrow even the biggest traditional banks in the world, it has been deemed not just as a great sector for investors to invest in, but also as the solution to the global problem of accessibility to financial systems. Catering to one of the biggest markets in the world, Konzortia Capital intends to provide top of the line wealth management services to wealthy companies and individuals, while also giving the unbanked population a way to access high quality financial services for a very low cost, effectively increasing their opportunities and quality of life.

With great prospects for financial growth, a market of trillions of dollars and a differentiated product within a fast-growing new industry, Konzortia Capital is expected to become one of the biggest and most disruptive companies of the 21st century. Our mission redesigns the financial markets that others take for granted. And today, those who share our vision may join us in changing the world for the better, making incredible profits in the process. We invite those who consider themselves visionaries to find more about our private placement and our incredible new asset class, which has the inherent benefits of a private equity while being as liquid as a stock, to visit

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