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Logo Konzortia

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Become a part of a groundbreaking
enterprise’s journey to success

Konzortia Capital is looking for talented Independent Sales Professionals to participate in our capital raising campaign.

Sale's Professional roles:


Initiate a sales process with potential clients through cold calling, to qualify them and get them interested in our product.


Set appointments and close deals with potential clients after they have already been qualified by our fronters.

Make money from your home, through a commission-based payment model, participating in our journey to becoming the Next Unicorn Company of the financial industry.

Are you up for the challenge?

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What is Konzortia Capital?

We’re the financial holding of a Fintech consortium made up of three startup companies, InveStart, Novabank and Capitalista, which act in conjunction using a New Asset Class called Koura as their transactional currency.

Each of our companies employs cutting edge technologies within a framework using a Decentralized ledger (Private Blockchain) to provide unique financial services that, together, will revolutionize the financial industry.


A globalized private equity platform that will make it possible for companies of all sizes and industries, in any jurisdiction to raise capital, allowing global investors to identify unicorns with ease.


A platform for borderless banking which will enable free and secure transfers in real time, democratizing banking services by blurring the difference between banking and remittance.


Makes it possible for investors to trade any liquid asset from anywhere in the world at no cost, introducing the first truly global financial market, similar to a global stock market.


A new Asset Class employed as transactional currency between our companies. It represents 99% of Konzortia Capital’s equity.

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What we’re looking for in a
Sales Professional

In order to participate and succeed in Konzortia’s capital raising campaign as a Fronter or Closer, you’ll need:
  • Minimum 2 yr experience in your respective role.
  • English fluency.
  • Demonstrable achievements in B2B/B2C sales.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication.
  • Basic understanding of the Financial Sector.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ease working under pressure and meeting tight deadlines
  • Preferably, a Call Center background
  • Ambition
Profile Fronter Closer

Role-Specific Requirements

Although the aforementioned skills are required for any sales professional aiming to be a part of our capital raising
campaign, our Fronters and Closers will fulfill distinct roles with each role demanding some specific capabilities

Your Functions as a Fronter or Closer

As a Fronter you’ll be in charge of…

Pitching our equity to potential investors
Qualifying leads
Scheduling follow-up calls with closers
Meeting equity sales goals

This will all be done primarily through cold calling, for which you’ll be employing your own resources

(equipment, phones, VOIP service, internet service, unfiltered leads, physical location, infrastructure, etc.).

As a Closer you’ll be in charge of…

Handling previously qualified and screened prospect
Offering proposals and updates to previously qualified prospects
Reselling, loading or upselling to existing clients
And most importantly, closing deals

This will all be done primarily through calls that were previously scheduled by the fronters. You’ll be employing your own resources
(equipment, phones, VOIP service, internet service, unfiltered leads, physical location, infrastructure, etc.)

The training and documentation necessary for carrying sales operations will be provided by us to Fronters and Closers,
along with detailed sales scripts and more specific information about their respective roles.

What’s in it for our
Fronters and Closers?

By working as an independent sales professional with Konzortia Capital, you’ll gain a unique opportunity to participate in a world changing enterprise.
Imagine what it would feel like to say that you played a role in making Microsoft or Apple into the behemoths they’re today.
With its groundbreaking business model, Konzortia Capital is expected to become the next Unicorn Company of the financial business. Will you get on this ride with us?

But first things first...

Our independent sales professionals including Fronters and Closers work under specific

commission-based payment models.


Shared commission sctructure:

Payment for each lead brought by the fronter which results in a successful investment.

Monthly Sales Volume Fronted by Seller
and Closed by Konzortia (Konzortia's Lead)
Fronted and Closed by Seller
(Konzortia's Database)
Fronted by Seller
and Closed by Konzortia (Seller's Lead)
Fronted and Closed by Seller
(Seller's Database)
Under $10,000.00 5% 15% 10% 20%
Betwen $10,000.00 and $49,999.99 7.5% 20% 15% 28%
US$50K + 10% 25% 18% 33%


Pay for performance:

Excellent compensation plan for each successfully closed investment, along with performance- based bonuses.

Monthly Sales Volume Closed by Seller
with Konzortia's front or highly targeted lead
Fronted and Closed by Seller
(Konzortia's Database)
Fronted and Closed by Seller
(Seller's Lead)
Existing Investor Loads
Under $10,000.00 7.5% 15% 10% 7.5%
Betwen $10,000.00 and $49,999.99 10% 20% 28% 10%
US$50K + 15% 25% 33%

Are you ready to become a leader
in a World Changing Enterprise?

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Disclaimer: The investment described in this website involves risks, and is available only to accredited investors or individuals who can afford to assume such risk for an indefinite period of time and who agree to purchase the securities only for investment purposes and not with a view toward the transfer, resale, exchange or further distribution thereof. There will be no public market for the securities issued pursuant to this website. The resale of the securities is limited by federal and state securities laws and it is therefore recommended that each potential investor seek counsel should they desire more information. The price of the securities as described in this offering has been arbitrarily determined by the sponsors of this investment, which are the directors of the issuing company, and each prospective investor should make an independent evaluation of the fairness of such price under all the circumstances as described in the body of this website and its complementary documentation. You as a prospective investor, accepts that, by agreeing to the purchase of any security token described on this offering, have reviewed all the necessary documentation, such as the investment prospectus and are fully capable to understand and accept the risks involved in this investment opportunity. All investments carry risk and all investment decisions of an individual remain the responsibility of that individual.

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