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The Best Recession-proof Annualized Dividend Stock

Safe dividend-paying stocks are often considered a predictable income stream that appeals to the more worrisome investors. But the fact is that, amassing capital and generating continued income are fundamental objectives for every investor.   We all would love to know when the next recession is coming and how it will affect our portfolios. So, […]

Should you invest in the stock market right now?

If you plan to invest in the stock market on this early 2020, you should be aware this is one of many options for investing your money. And also, from day trading shares to the buy-and-hold long term investment, it does come with substantial risk, especially in the short term.   Even if the general […]

Investor´s Strategy: Diversification Globally Across Jurisdictions

The benefits of diversification and sizing your allocation are always counterweighed against expectations of market volatility both at home and abroad. These expectations push many investors to diversify their portfolios by holding securities across different asset classes and sectors, but the majority are rooted in their home countries. In U.S.’s case, its stocks have outperformed […]

PRIVATE EQUITY INVESTING: Looking for a fast track towards retirement? Can investing help you transition into retirement?

Can investing help you transition into retirement? The peculiar thing that most miss about the major link between retirement and investing is that with the right portfolio it can lead to a great financial outcome on your later days, but also lead to fulfillment and happiness. And yes, the matter of retirement is very much […]