FINTECH DIGEST: This Is What Bounty Marketing Can Do for You in 2019.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or an upstart entrepreneur, we all know marketing is a powerful and vital tool to increase awareness, reach and to shape the public perception of any project. With the dawn of the digital age, now more than ever, marketing strategies are changing, evolving and developing new ways to connect you with your audience, or if you’re a consumer, to get you in touch with the next great thing out there.

Enter Bounty Marketing or bounty crypto programs, essentially, a list of tasks generated by a bounty holder, a company or cryptocurrency project, that generally anyone can partake in as a bounty hunter and get paid in crypto tokens from said company or project. So, as startup or new crypto coin you offer rewards to whomever wants to participate, in exchange for specific actions benefiting your company. Said actions or task range from generating community growth, joining your telegram channel, retweeting content, liking on Facebook, signature campaigns on specialized website such as BitcoinTalk, or article creation in Medium, YouTube videos, Instagram post, and even rarer and more involved actions such as software bug hunting and graphic work for a higher reward.

Since most venture capital endeavors and initial coin offering projects have a hard time raising capital and may not have the funds to compensate for work at the beginning, Bounty Marketing presents an innovative way to engage with your audience and make them active and beneficial participants in your marketing campaign and in your business venture due to people being rewarded and motivated to share it, making it viral so the community increases swiftly; raising user counts close to a 1000% in literally days if the bounty campaign is handled correctly.

This allows you to enlist help for referrals, content, social media awareness and even development resources by paying on tokens and shares that will have future value, presenting a fair risk/reward offer for both the bounty holder company and hunter. If you’re a hunter it gives the opportunity to put your skills to use and, provided you support the right project and you present quality work during the bounty campaign you can earn recognition, social media clout, influence and reputation, even the chance to build a work portfolio/experience if you’re design or programming oriented.

If your project is directly tied by a crypto currency, asset or a digital equity, another added benefit is the potential widespread distribution of your coin/token to a larger audience. If the social media accounts included on your bounty program list such as Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook it’s easier to reach a wider range of people and getting them to be token/coin holders. If you’re a person interested in doing bounty work it lets you participate in innovative projects and earning in potentially very successful new ways of currency; bypassing the limitations that present earning in the currency of your country of residence.

So, should you have or participate in a Bounty Program? If you have a clear vision and a talented bounty management team for a strong, solid and innovative product, if you want wide distribution at low cost, then you should. Bounties can be great to increase audience and distribution when the workload is fully understood and its properly managed.

Or if you’re looking to expand your skills and experiences, if you feel you have a beneficial quality to offer to the market and you want to participate and help build the foundations of interesting and vanguardist projects, you also should. And hey! There are some truly amazing projects that are worth backing, if you want to know more about a particular one, with groundbreaking vision and bold ambition couple with cutting-edge technology and a solid, experienced team behind it, take a look at the link below and help us revolutionize the financial world of today with the ideas of tomorrow.

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