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Logo Konzortia

Cal Now: +1(206)347-0838

A lifetime Investment Opportunity for Your Clients

That comes with bragging rights and a great commission for you

Konzortia Capital is looking for the right Broker-Dealer to take over the Private Placement of our groundbreaking startup company at an early stage.

This is the 1st round of financing. The consortium of companies described in this site are to be developed with the funding raised in this round, hence there´s no revenue generated at this point.

Can you recognize The Next Unicorn?

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Some of the perks of this investment
opportunity include...

An innovative New Asset Class

99% of our equity is represented in a New Asset Class called Koura, which employs a private ledger to defy the difference between equity and traditional currency.

Low cost equity, high ROI and low Risk

Get in a position for US$0.65 per Koura, projected to be valued at US$1.00 within a year, with one block priced at US$26k.

A private placement available
to accredited investors

The Private Placement has been duly filed with the SEC under exemption to Reg D 506 (c). It is available to accredited investors only.

A clear exit strategy

The relative ease with which our New Asset Class can be liquidated allows for a clear and risk-minimizing exit strategy. Koura also acts as a value-generating transactional currency thanks to its distinct functionality.

What is Konzortia Capital?

We’re the financial holding of a Fintech consortium. The three startup companies in our consortium include InveStart, Novabank and Capitalista. They act in conjunction using a New Asset Class called Koura as their transactional currency.

Konzortia Capital will create the technological framework using a Decentralized Ledger (Private blockchain) for the financial institutions within the consortium to interact among them and with 3rd parties, while allowing the global financial system to carry transactions in real time through its ecosystem.

Each of our companies employs cutting edge technologies to provide unique financial services that, together, will revolutionize the financial industry as a whole.


A globalized private equity platform that will make it possible for companies of all sizes and industries, in any jurisdiction to raise capital, allowing global investors to identify unicorns with ease.


A platform for borderless banking which will enable free and secure transfers in real time, democratizing banking services by blurring the difference between banking and remittance.


Makes it possible for investors to trade any liquid asset from anywhere in the world at no cost, introducing the first truly global financial market, similar to a global stock market.


A new Asset Class employed as transactional currency between our companies. It represents 99% of Konzortia Capital’s equity.

Term Sheet

All the equity purchased by investors will be represented in terms of Koura,
our new and innovative Asset Class, which works as both the company’s equity
and the transactional currency between the companies within the consortium.


Total Amount of Shares 133,333,333.33
Type Equity
Name Koura
Symbol KOU
Private Placement Registration SEC REG D 506 (c) Exemption
Allocated Equity 30,000,000.00 KOU
Hard Cap US$19,500,000.00
Soft Cap US$5,000,000.00
Price per Share US$0.65
1 Block 40,000 Kouras
Price per block US$26,000.00

The dividends anticipated to be paid out will be the result of 99% of the profits generated by Konzortia S.A. distributed among the 133,333,333.33 security tokens issued.

The security token may be sold to an unlimited number of so called “accredited investors” as defined in Rule 230.501 of the SEC under Regulation D.

Kouras could be considered by the SEC as security tokens and shall not be sold to non-accredited investors.

The Exit Strategy

Through Capitalista’s platform, Our New Asset Class will lead to a new,
truly global financial Market called the New Asset Offering (NAO) Market,
measured through liquid stock-like assets that will be traded freely at a global scale.

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Projected 5 yr Return

The Consortium's customers will need to purchase Koura in order to access
the company’s services. Because of this continuous demand, the value of the
Asset Class is anticipated to grow exponentially.

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Commission Model

By qualifying and advising potential investors about this business opportunity,
you’ll be able to earn an attractive commission.

We provide all the necessary information and documentation for proper financial and legal advising.


You present your clients the investment opportunity, advise them and close the deals.

Are you ready to bring your customers the investment opportunity of a Lifetime?

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