Exciting news! We are now featured in an exclusive private equity platform!

On behalf of our founder, our cofounder, and everyone at Konzortia Capital, we are extremely pleased to announce that we are now featured in Investors Private Network (IPN), an exclusive private equity platform that will allow us to connect with select investors from Europe and the Middle East.

We are already featured on OnePagerVC, and we are about to launch our campaign on the Fundable platform as well. However, the fact that we have been approved on this particular platform is a huge milestone that will most definitely fast-track our business plan, which will, without a doubt, culminate in tremendous success for us and our investors.

The process of entering this platform was not an easy one, as not everyone is permitted to be featured in IPN, and the due diligence process was actually quite extensive. However, the board reviewed our project and they were truly impressed with us and our commitment to redesign the entire financial industry. They share our vision and understand that the solutions we want to bring to the markets will make the financial industry a more inclusive, efficient and accessible financial world.

The investors that are featured on this site are financial specialists based on Europe and the Middle East. These investors are experts in the industry and they are only interested in the best opportunities available in the markets, which is why the process was so lengthy. IPN must offer their investors the best possible projects for them to invest, as they usually make contributions of no less than 1 million dollars.

Another thing that helped us to be featured on this private equity platform was the recommendation from a member of their advisory board, Ms. Shingissova. She has been reviewing our project and following it closely for some time now, and she also shares our vision and believes our business model is one of the best investing opportunities available today. Ms. Shingissova is an expert in business and finances based in Dubai, with extensive experience in the field, including a position in the Russian Ministry of Economy and Finances

This opportunity will potentially allow us to complete the current financing round sooner and move on to the next round, which we anticipate we will finish a lot faster as well. This would allow us to complete our goals sooner than expected, and keep moving forward with our execution plan. Only good things await us in the future.

We at Konzortia Capital are truly happy that we have been able to reach such a key milestone in our road to redesigning the financial industry, and we want to thank our investors for trusting us and believing in us and our project. The fact that more and more people are beginning to see what we see, that Konzortia will redefine the concept of financial services, only confirms that we are definitely on the right path.

If you also share our vision and are interested in becoming a part of Konzortia Capital, please visit https://konzortiacapital.com/, enter your contact information and a member from our investor relations team will contact you shortly.


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