Exciting News for FinTech Companies and Investors

A new regulatory kit developed by a specialized team from the Commonwealth Secretariat is creating great prospects for the entire FinTech industry. The toolkit is created to provide technical guidelines for governments around the world to create a friendlier environment of FinTech innovation. For a company like Konzortia Capital, which aims to bring financial innovation to the entire world, this means a whole new set of opportunities to expand.  

The innovations brought forth by SBank, InvestHub and Capitalista, the three companies that conform Konzortia Capital, are meant to change the financial industry as we know it, by interconnecting the world into a single distributed ledger financial ecosystem. With clear technical global guidelines for countries to establish coherent, cohesive and coordinated regulatory frameworks for financial technologies, this mission becomes, not just much easier but also potentially much more profitable. 

With newly registered brands for its subsidiary companies, the prospect of a new cohesive regulatory framework for the world and the expectations of a releasing MVP, Konzortia Capital will begin the next year on a highly positive note. The FinTech industry was one of the fastest growing ones throughout 2020, and is expected to have an even better year in 2021. With their Innovative products, SBank, InvestHub and Capitalista will lead the way towards a fully inclusive, and truly interconnected global financial market. 

All of these positive signs make this the perfect time to invest in Konzortia Capital, and get the possibility of reaping the incredibly high potential benefits of this booming industry. With a new asset class that holds no correlations with the stock markets, a highly differentiated product, a wide array of streamlined and innovative services, Konzortia Capital holds an edge over its competition. This is why the company has been deemed as the Next Unicorn of the financial industry, and it’s committed to living up to that name. Those who wish to get aboard this investment opportunity may visit www.konzortiacapital.com and www.konzortia.capital to gain further information about the new asset class Kor and the projections of the investment. 

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