A Consortium of Fintech companies is looking to revolutionize financial markets

As big as the world gets and as connected as we are now with globalization, there still is significant untapped market potential and day to day hurdles that keep us from advancing even further and taking advantage of all recent breakthroughs. A widespread reinvention is necessary if we’re to avoid market stagnation.

We are looking at the global market of venture capital, remittance services, investing and banking to be worth over $1 trillion dollars and it keeps growing at a very fast pace, but with that growth and without proper rethinking, several old problems will only accentuate. Startups and companies that need capital to fund their projects are still facing important difficulties to get the correct angel investment needed for their projects to take off and be profitable.

Small and inexperienced investors still need to generate profits and they continue struggling to get the access to most of the real opportunities that accredited and wealthy investors have at their disposition.

More than 1.1B people in the world remain without legal identification; leading them to not having access to banking and saving benefits, this better translate to a need for a cost-effective global remittance service accessible by anyone with or without an internet connection.

With the ups and downs of currency trading, the dawn of the cryptocurrency age and the constrains faced by owning and spending in local currency there is a need for a new product that can be considered an investment, with global accessibility and tradability that has the liquid characteristics of fiat money and not just a vehicle for speculation.

Konzortia capital is a consortium of FinTech companies that understands this, we know it’s time for a revolution, we’re not willing to wait for tomorrow and neither should you. We are creating a group of companies that integrate the Konzortia consortium: InveStart, Capitalista, and NovaBank; and that together are going to change financial markets as everyone knows them today.

We want companies anywhere in the world, at any stage, to be able to raise the funding they need.

We want small and accredited investors to have access to every opportunity in the world, where they can cash out quickly on their investments and continue to make their money work for them.

We want to challenge the difference between money and equity, we envision an asset that can be transferred through a physical location or a cross-platform application at a very low cost making banking and financial services accessible to anyone.

For this sole purpose of improving the financial sector, we at Konzortia have created a different type of equity, a new asset class (NAC) called Koura, with special features that blends the advantages provided by stocks of a private company with the liquidity of shares traded in a traditional stock market.

A liquid instrument that has intrinsic value that will benefit its holders with dividends paid out yearly and that will also be the base currency for all transactions that take place within the group of companies that integrate the consortium: InveStart, Capitalista, and NovaBank; thus, challenging the difference between equity and money.

InveStart is an equity-based crowdfunding platform that will allow any company from anywhere in the world to raise capital using the new asset class backed by shares of the issued company, similar to Koura, that will give investors not only the possibility to access ground floor opportunities that were only available to accredited investors before, but also to have access to a very liquid investment and providing companies with a built-in marketing tool to bring investors and traffic through the capital funding campaign. Truly global, with no jurisdiction requirements whatsoever.

Capitalista is a brokerage and capital management firm allowing clients to trade any market worthy instrument from anywhere in the world, inclusive of the companies that use InveStart to raise capital, which will result in a worldwide index called NAO, and that will give investors access to a new form of stock-like liquid tradeable instruments. By providing both small and institutional clients with professional managed accounts and trading signals to actually profit from financial markets. We will be the first brokerage offering clients a franchising style network marketing system that uses blockchain technology and pays its users with Kouras.

NovaBank is the new version of global banking, with special features such as remittance service, payment processor, wallet, credit card and Koura payment processing for merchants, and messaging application that will also feature a directory of authorized franchises around the world. Our multipurpose app and franchising model puts NovaBank on the path to become a dominant player in the market of remittance services and giving banking to the unbanked and underbanked.

Konzortia: more than a holding company, we are also the technological platform that will allow these companies to operate using blockchain technology offering availability of all of our services through most online channels, giving customers ease-of-access and ease-of-use for all our platforms, while still making it accessible offline for a perfect synergy between innovation and . We have designed a complex and unique model capable of disrupting existing financial markets; through the integration of the cutting-edge technology applications with the business intelligence necessary to develop the next generation of a globalized financial market is that Konzortia Capital is redesigning the future of finances.

This is the bright future we’re bringing to you, now. If you want to learn more on how to become part of this ambitious and world changing project, just click the link below.

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