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Capitalista. Trading accounts will have close to zero costs, and will allow the company’s clients to access managed accounts and trading signals to generate profits. Companies that have successfully completed a New Asset Offering in InveStart will be listed in the NAO Index, where they can be traded freely. The profits generated by clients can easily be liquidated using Novabank.

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Capitalista has been created keeping in mind investors of all levels of expertise and with different accounts sizes. The goal is creating a market that features global investment opportunities while providing investors with services exclusive for those that have a trading account within the company.

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The services offered will be trading accounts and managed accounts, both executed by professional in-house traders. Investors will receive Trading Signals that actually generate profits, that are a subscription-based service, while managed accounts are only charged on a success basis, meaning Capitalista makes a profit only if the client is generating a profit as well.

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Capitalista will use an aggressive franchising strategy for market acquisition purposes that, along with close to zero cost trading accounts, this will allow the company to grow and compete against the already established brokerage houses and fund’s managers.

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