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Have you ever made six-figure commissions from any company you've worked with?

If you have expertise in expertise in managing sale teams and raising capital for private placements of startups in the financial sector, you just might.


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Are you a committed and serious business developer/sales manager?

Do you have the necessary expertise and know-how to develop projects from the ground up?

Do you have experience closing sales for initial funding rounds in the financial sector or with accredited investors?

Do you have the POWER to attract people interested in investing in a private placement for the next great startup company?

An opportunity like this one doesn’t come knocking on your door everyday…

Some of the functions you will be developing:

This is a project that will allow all business developer/sales manager involved to make some serious money, while giving our investors a chance to truly make impressive returns…

  • You'll scout call centers/sales rooms to perform the sale process and secure funding
  • You will scout a single call center in charge of investor prospecting/leads generation
  • You will provide them with contract detail and information on our company
  • You will recruit them
  • You will provide training, software tools and proper documentation
  • They'll start the sale/leads generation process
  • You will follow up on their performance and ensure we reach our funding goals
  • They will close the deals and secure funding
  • You will be rewarded with a competitive monthly override commission-based payment

Take part in a campaign aimed at a large capital raising stage for a financial technologies company with an impressive and ambitious business model.

What's in it for you?

Manage high-performance sale teams that will bring the right investors to help our funding efforts, and benefit yourself with a competitive commission override-based payment:


Earn the privilege to participate in the early stages of a company aimed to become the next Unicorn!


  • Calculated Risk
  • Expected Yearly Dividends
  • Significant projected yearly revaluation
  • A clear Exit Strategy
  • Bragging rights and Certified visionary Status!

How Are We Different from Every Other Project You Have Worked With?

The private placement of a financial technologies startup,
with a disruptive business model, that will redesign financial markets forever…

About this investment opportunity…


Well, these “Unicorns” are private companies that are technology driven, have innovative business models and possess the following qualities:

They eventually reach $1 Billion dollar + market valuation

These companies are Customer Focused

​They always take their ideas to the next level

The generate huge returns for their early investors

A fintech startup with:

A Revenue-generated model from inception

A Consortium of Fintech Startups

A Holding with a New Asset Class

A Global Market of over US$1 Trillion

​Differentiated Model & Product

Meet the next UNICORN

Discover the Next Unicorn

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“OK, I’m ready to dramatically increase my income. What’s the Next Step?”

The next step is requesting access to sensitive information.
Judge this opportunity yourself and start making a killer income.

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