The global market is growing at a very fast pace. But, the rules of the game are mostly the same and with them, we keep having he same problems and limitations. A widespread reinvention of venture capital, remittance services, investing, and banking is necessary.

There is a need for a new product. An investment tool like no other that allows investors to bypass old boundaries and bring forth a better wider and smarter investing landscape for the world.

A new form of stock-like liquid tradeable instrument would expand the investor’s reach beyond their currently localized markets. It would help them leave behind language barriers, international fees, or currency conversions so they can acquire the investments they want and move on to the next opportunity.


For a moment, imagine that you can invest in any stock, anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if that stock is in Japan, Korea, Germany, India, Russia, Chile, Brazil, or even the Congo. And that this different type of equity, a new asset class, will bring you special features that will mix the advantages provided by stocks of a private company with the liquidity of shares traded in a traditional stock market.

Imagine a digital asset combining the best benefits of blockchain technology with the annual dividends and real world´s value of a private share. But not only the asset, also imagine the required environment for that vision to come true.

This would be an ecosystem where all types of companies, worldwide, will be able to fulfill  their capital requirements through the creation of this New Asset Class, make all the trades required, exchange the currencies needed from this single platform, and investors could cash out their investments quickly to continue making their money work for them.

Any type of investor, small or accredited, can be part of Capitalista’s franchising system, offer proprietary and native services with minimal fees, and even become a client themselves and have full control over their initial investment amount.

Sounds impossible, and you might even think that it is too good to be true, right? We know, we know…

But it’s none of those things. Konzortia Capital is not making magic or selling smoke.

It’s certainly not creating the first digital asset ever, either; those were dreamed up long ago. What they’re doing is very real and what it means for the digital asset landscape is monumental.

They’re perfecting digital equities and building the next global financial order. This holding company (of a FinTech consortium) will bring the world’s investing community the very same new asset class we’ve asked you to imagine: Koura.

Koura will change everything. With it, the same way one is able to trade stocks in any given stock market, one will be able to trade Koura’s shares, given that it’s a digital equity issued by its holding company, Konzortia Capitalcompany. But not just this, like we’ve asked you to imagine, it will fluctuate and yield annual dividends. It will be tradable, and highly liquid, making it more than just an equity and more than just digital currency, but retaining all their benefits.

But how can all of this be possible?

Well, Koura truly operates in the blockchain; and it’s not just the shares backed by this consortium, it’s also the transactional currency with which i all the consortium’s applications and financial environments will take place. A single but decentralized environment, open to any kind of investor/user or developer who wants to create services or apps to complement this ecosystem, open to integration with other digital and physical platforms.

Truly and fully borderless; that’s what makes this new asset class different, and its functionality challenges the difference between equity and money.

The process itself will be straightforward: within Konzortia Capital’s ecosystem there will be three main applications that will form the whole of this new worldwide economic landscape.

First, there will be InveStart. Konzortia Capital’s equity-based crowdfunding platform that will provide the space for startups anywhere in the world to raise capital, with a built-in marketing tool, to present their projects and issue their own New Asset Class (NAC) that will be created using Koura as the base currency.  This will allow other investors to “opt-in” in real time and essentially fund them, with no downtime between investments. This process of capital raising is called “NAO” and it’s very similar to the process where a company goes public in an initial public offering (IPO). The NACs created during this phase will act as both a security and negotiable liquid instrument with intrinsic value, giving investors the possibility to access ground-floor opportunities that were only available to accredited investors before, but didn´t come with a short-term exit strategy. In short, these securities can then be exchanged for other securities, Koura or fiat currency at any time using Konzortia Capital’s new banking system: NovaBank.

Before exchanging them for fiat currency, let’s see what other possibilities await for investors of these NACs, newly created in InveStart.

In a financial environment where quality services are only available to wealthy investors, the true innovation for Konzortia Capital’s second complementary ecosystem comes by providing performance-based managed accounts and subscription-based trading signals, executed by professional in-house traders at a close to zero cost. It’s available through scalability and its franchising system of network marketing reward model in which members can offer all its services to the public.

Capitalista will finally give the experienced and amateur investors the truly effective means to take advantage of every investment opportunity and actually turn positive results, all within a worldwide OTC (over the counter) index on Capitalista (the NAO Index) of all InveStart and fiat companies for clients to virtually trade any existing liquid asset. This is a way to go more global rather than local and extend the investor’s reach beyond more localized markets. The first worldwide stock market, that’s what the NAO Index really is.

What allows the creation of this NAO Index is the fact that these tradable equities (NACs) have been created digitally by taking advantage of blockchain technology.

The last of Konzortia’s applications will be NovaBank, a platform that will serve as the new version of global banking, with features such as remittance service, payment processor, wallet, credit card, Koura payment processing for merchants, and messaging app complete with a map that shows local businesses near to the user accepting Kouras payment and those that work as authorized offices. Users can exchange Koura, fiat currency or other NAC equity right on NovaBank, quickly, safely, and efficiently. Making exchanges, remittance and banking accessible to everyone around the world with an internet connection.

This gives the benefits of every investment tool, the funding environment for all companies anywhere in the world, the accessibility to a fully global stock market and a worldwide banking platform for everyone. The whole world connected and open, thanks to Koura.

There is risk in every investment and higher risk mostly equals a higher reward; however, Koura represents a very low risk and high reward opportunity since it’s structured to work in an integral way with its complementary platforms and benefits all its backing companies, thus giving them a competitive advantage in their respective markets. This, alongside a very sophisticated financial structure, a scalable model, is what makes Koura the new asset that will make true borderless investing a reality.

And right now, you have the opportunity to participate in this groundbreaking vision. By taking advantage of blockchain technology and bringing in business intelligence that the industry has been missing, Konzortia Capital is granting you the chance to be on the ground floor of this revolution.

Stop hesitating and click the link below to learn more about this unique opportunity for visionaries only.

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