BLOCKCHAIN NEWS: Private Company Creates New Asset Class with Liquidity of a Public One

Have you heard about the latest and greatest thing that’s come out in the FinTech world? Right now there’s a company out there called Konzortia that’s been creating a lot of waves lately with their latest use of the Blockchain technology!

Before, a lot of blockchain application had been used in a lot of frivolous ways. If you’re someone who keeps up on technology, you might have heard about it in the news, or kept up along with it through various different news sources. What started as an experiment, has quickly started to spiral out as different applications of Blockchain have been forked, reworked, and issued out in different ways. Heck, outside of investing right now, Blockchain technology is used in record keeping, entertainment, and even large companies are getting in on the action to use the technology in creative ways.

However, despite all of that, Blockchain has for the most part been pretty much the same since it was first created in 2008.

So what does Konzortia do that’s completely different, and even revolutionary? Imagine owning something that’s just like a Bitcoin, but used in the same way as physical cash. You could store that asset somewhere and have it go up in value depending on the market, or you can actually use it LIKE cash without having to spend it: Or, if holding not it isn’t enough for you, and you want to invest it somewhere you can do exactly that too. Alternatively, if you need to crowdsource a project, you can make a call to action and receive this sort of digital currency through crowdsourcing means where everyone gets a return on their investment in the end through a P2P like service. Plus, it’s a type of alternative currency as well that pays off dividends and is one of the first of its kind to do so. If that isn’t enough, you can spend it on goods and services like any other alternative cryptocurrency on the market too or exchange it for other forms of cash.

This sounds amazing, doesn’t it? This is exactly what Konzortia Capital is offering with their Koura assets. With Koura, you get all of the advantages of a digital currency but almost literally no drawback. This company is rapidly growing as well, making their presence known all throughout the investment world right as we speak.

This is a great opportunity for Professional Investors who want to diversify their portfolios a little bit more, but might have been afraid after the Bitcoin bubble burst a little bit over a year ago to invest in FinTech industries. Konzortia Capital has a great plan in mind, with a great team of experts who are extremely passionate about their work and what they’re creating.

In fact getting on the ground floor of what Konzortia is doing is extremely important for any Investor worth their salt. Konzortia is poised to possibly become the greatest company of the 21st century at this pace with what they’ve got to offer.

If that sounds like something for you to check out, and find more information on, just be sure to click on the link below to find out more.

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