Best High Dividend Paying Stocks to Buy Now

Finding a good dividend paying stock is not by any accounts an easy task. Risk must be measured against rewards to an even greater degree than when investing in non-dividend paying stocks. This is due to the fact that dividends paying stock tend to be under high demand, and thus tend to have a high entry price. Furthermore, the fact that the metrics for continued dividends payment are entirely different than the more commonly understood metrics for growth used for regular stock trading, make finding the best dividend paying stocks a yet more difficult task. Nevertheless, there is a clear answer as to which dividend paying asset is the best in terms of potential results versus risks, and it’s not even a stock strictly speaking, yet offers the best benefits of a stock and more. 

If one is to look at near past results as a referent, it’s not hard to find some of the highest dividend paying assets throughout the present year. Some of these include Best Buy, with a 2.1% yield, S&P with a 1.8% yield, Texas Instruments, with a 2.6%, Garmin with a 2.4% and Broadcom with an outstanding 4.0% yield. The expected 5 year returns from these high dividend paying stocks are 246%, 71%, 202%, 170% and 199% respectively. Although these might seem like impressive returns, these are projections based on the performance these companies had since the beginning of the year, and much has changed since. This makes these seemingly high rates somewhat deceiving, as companies are prone to changing their paying dividend depending on somewhat unpredictable factors, especially during times of high economic uncertainty like the present ones. 

With this said, there is a clear answer as to what is the best possible alternative for a dividend paying asset to buy right now. This is an asset called Kor, which represents the equities of a private FinTech consortium named Konzortia Capital. This company is developing a large-scale framework for the entire financial industry to operate using distributed ledger technologies to access banking services, raise capital, invest or trade. This framework will include a secondary market of digital stock-like assets, in which Kor will be traded. This allows the asset to have the inherent benefits of a private equity, such as paying high dividends, while being as liquid as a publicly traded stock.  

 Due to its unique properties and the fact that it represents equities from a highly innovative company at a ground floor level, Kor can yield higher dividends than even the best dividend paying stocks currently in the market. This makes it an excellent asset to buy right now, having no correlation with the stock markets, and thus being less prone to being affected by the high volatility. On top of the high dividend yield potential, the asset is expected to grow exponentially throughout the near future, while still offering a clear exit strategy for investors. It is expected that Kor holders will be able to yield around 40-90% ROI within a year, by the time they should be able to liquidate or keep the asset for exponential growth. Even the best high dividend paying stocks in the market right now do not offer such benefits, which are only possible thanks to Konzortia Capital’s business model and technological edge. 

Those looking for a great dividend paying stock to invest in should look no further. Although Kor isn’t a stock in the strict sense, it is a private equity asset with the liquidity of a stock, which can potentially yield much higher dividends than the best dividend paying stocks. Those interested in finding out more about how this asset works and the business model of the company it represents, should visit www. More information about the dividend yield and growth projections of the asset can be found it  

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