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5 Things Professional Investors Evaluate Before Investing In A Company

[vc_column_text]These days, many professional investors and venture capital groups are capable of finding opportunities in almost every marketplace available in the world. Thanks to their experience and incredible vision, they can earn a lot of money from their investment projects without risking their life savings while doing so.

One of the reasons why these investors can easily pull off a great return on their investment is because they prepare and analyze the potential of every single investment before venturing into it. This gives them more understanding about the business, the company, and the different ways they can benefit from their investment without breaking the bank.

Here are the five things professional investors evaluate before investing new capital in a company.

The business model… Is it scalable?

The company’s business model is one of the most important things that every investor or potential investor needs to evaluate before going with the company. By analyzing the business model, investors can learn more about the company and understand how their sales process works, how they acquire new customers, and how they can scale the business in order to increase or multiply their revenue.

The most successful business models in the investment world are able to scale over time which is perfect for the venture capitalist and professional investors because they provide the best opportunities to increase the return on their investment in a very short period of time. This scalable business model allows companies to grow quickly and generate the type of returns that professional investors and venture capital groups are looking for.

The product… Is it differentiated?

The second thing investors tend to evaluate is the company´s product. This is the main thing in terms of earning profits for the business and the thing that allows them to know how much they could sell as well as the demographics for the target market.

In order to know if the product is good enough, professional investors tend to ask questions like “How can this product stand out from the rest of the other products in the marketplace?” or “Why do people need to buy this particular product?” With these questions, the investor can see if the company has the ability to overtake the competition at some point.

Venture capitalists also pay attention to the characteristics of every product and if it is a product or service that creates its own barriers to entry. With this, investors can be confident that the company won’t have to fight with its competitors as hard as other companies do.

The market… Is it large enough?

After looking at the business model and the product, every investor needs to analyze the specific market that the business is trying to dominate. By knowing the current market share of the company, investors learn how much influence they have over the clients, the prices, and the competition.

Another important point when deciding to invest is knowing the total market share for that business sector. This dictates the limit on how much the company can grow within that specific market and how difficult it is to win over the other companies.

Investors also need to evaluate if the company is working in a large enough market, and if they own a product that is different and better from the rest. This, along with a scalable business model, can help provide both investors and venture capitalist evaluate and find the best money-making opportunities available.

Return on investment?… What are the projections like, are they aligned with the market size and the business model?

Another important point when deciding on an investment is the return on investment (ROI). This helps estimate how much profit the investor is going to pocket after investing capital in the company. By learning the ROI of every investment made, people can gauge or measure the amount of money to be made and determine if it is a realistic projection based on the market size and business model.

Professional investors believe that the best types of businesses to invest in are private companies that are in their early stages. Unlike public companies, the private sector offers the opportunity to acquire equity from the company at a very low cost and the possibility of earning huge returns on their investment while the company is still growing in the market.

Exit strategy… How am I going to liquidate?

Once the investor has learned about the company and how much money there is to be made, the next step is to evaluate an exit strategy that allows him or her to liquidate the investment and earn money from it. Investors need to find out about the company´s goals: Do they plan to go public? Do they expect a merger in the future? Or, do they just want to remain a private company? This is very important since the exit stratgy is the one thing that can make or break any investment deal.

It is recommended that investors and venture capitalists only invest in companies with high potential that are able to grow fast and that plan to have an IPO at some point. They can also invest in companies that are likely to merge into a much bigger company in the future, which could potentially create an exit strategy for the existing investors.

Traction and momentum…Is there substantial momentum to take the product forward?

A company´s traction is very important for investors since it is one of the ways they can measure how much growth a company could experience over a certain period of time.

With enough traction and momentum, a company can go from being just another company on the market to one of the most successful and profitable businesses in the industry.

Overall, the best opportunities for investors and venture capitalists to liquidate their investment are found in companies from the technology-related sector or the ones that show a disruptive business model since these have a bigger chance to grow and provide investors with the type of returns that they are looking for.

There´s a new company that not only has these five elements built into their business model, but is also disrupting traditional financial markets in a way that has never been seen before. This company has created a New Asset Class (NAC) that will allow investors to benefit from investing in a private company while benefiting from the liquidity that before now was only offered by publicly traded securities. This fintech and holding company is also developing a global stock market: the NAO Index.

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